August 2015

Wind Turbine Training Day

26 Aug 2015 | Categories: Uncategorised | Posted by: Angela Leeman

Many people would be surprised at the level of technology contained in the design and operation of a wind turbine.

On 12th August, our Andrew Horncastle and David Watson attended an operator training workshop in Beverley with wind turbine manufacturer EWT. The purpose of the day was to thoroughly go through the design and components forming the turbine and the operation of the machine once in place.

EWT, a company based in Holland, have supplied several hundred turbines in to the UK and have a number operating in the East Riding, their most common machine being their 500KWH Direct Wind 52/54. The machine simply comprises the rotors, a generator, Nacelle blades and the tower within which the converter is housed. This machine has a direct drive and no gearbox.

The design is full of technology and this provides the operator with the ability to control and monitor the machine remotely 24/7.

David said “You drive by these things and think they are just a large windmill, it is only when you attend an event like this that you learn how modern technology allows the operator to harvest the maximum amount of wind energy available”.

The day began with a four hour session, listening to a presentation by EWT’s Johan Top at the Beverley Arms Hotel. After lunch, attendees drove over to Long Riston to inspect a new turbine. This involved climbing the 50 metre tower, a task not for the fainthearted.

This company’s turbine planned for Green Park at Newport will be commissioned in October.


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Wind Turbine update – Green Park, Newport

21 Aug 2015 | Categories: News | Posted by: Angela Leeman

Today, the first component of the wind turbine was delivered to Green Park. The anchor ring connects the foundation to the turbine structure.

Further updates on progress will follow in the coming weeks, however, for more information on Green Park and current availability, please call Ian Hodges on 01482 631295.



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The PR Company become the first occupiers at Green Park, Newport

18 Aug 2015 | Categories: News | Posted by: Angela Leeman

After nearly 20 years at Hesslewood Hall, The PR Company have purchased an Eco 45 office and have re-located to 2 Innovation Drive, Newport at the end of July.

Managing Director, Nick Glaves, said: “We’ve enjoyed our time at Hesslewood (especially the views) but the chance to actually own an office rather than rent was too good to pass up. Also, the move puts us in a position to again expand our services and our team”.

Horncastle Group are delighted to welcome The PR Company as the first occupiers to Green Park and Ian Hodges commented: “We are very pleased they have selected this location ahead of other business parks in the area. They will be joined very soon by other businesses who have similarly identified the unique nature and quality of the Eco offices and the benefits Green Park can bring to their business”.

2 Innovation Drive

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Piling commences for Wind Turbine at Green Park

14 Aug 2015 | Categories: News | Posted by: Angela Leeman

On Wednesday 12th August, a piling rig arrived on site ready to commence the installation of 22no 9m piles to form the base of the foundation for the Wind Turbine which will produce green energy at Green Park.

Updates on progress will follow in the coming weeks.

IMG_0383 (2)

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